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Our main goal is to create products that build technological bridges between business needs and consumer challenges. We are a company in which we go beyond Software House standards and provide personalized services and products tailored to the client's needs.
about us
The House Of Code was founded by three passionate developers that wanted to create better products for customers while providing quality service. Within two years, THOC has been shown to consistently produce quality products and is now expanding its heroes by bringing talented individuals in the fields of tech and design.

Core Values

Continuous Improvement
Our efforts do not end with the release of the final versions, or the next stages of the product. With the release of consecutive updates, we carefully examine the new needs of users, test the ideas, and understand the business sense of the next proposals. If we see room for improvement, the need to change the monetization model, or new opportunities, we inform our partners and support them in further development, even following product delivery.. We provide an analytical tool that monitors the impact and condition of the products we deliver. Thus, we constantly receive updates on how the product should be developed and clearly present data-based proposals. We provide support in maintaining products in the App Store and Google Play Store as well as answering all of the users’s questions.
Deliver Outstanding Values
We do not work FOR the client, but together WITH the client. Our goal is to cooperate directly with you. A reliable way to discover the business goals of the client is the creation of a relationship built on openness, honesty, and iterative feedback during our time working together. Get ready to become part of our heroes. We will consider ideas together and look for ways to meet your company's goals. We aim to not only create software, but also consult various ideas and advise on future steps.
Mutual Respect
We are proud of the mindset we have developed. We take actions that benefit your business and create products that are not only focused on being proud achievements for your company, but above all on achieving a specific goal. We believe in functional simplicity - that is why we provide our clients with solutions that, with the fewest complications, allow them to meet their goals. After starting the project, we want to be sure that our solution will meet your plans. We are focused primarily on results and on maximizing your benefits during our cooperation; that's why we take full responsibility for the entire process from the beginning to end.
Functional simplicity
In our relationship with our clients, we are guided by mutual respect and values that go beyond our daily work, such as: freedom of speech, equality, and freedom of expression; both between employees and between our partners. We do not exclude and do not follow the beaten path. We win and lose as a heroes, that’s why our company is so unique.

Heroes behind the company

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